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10 Fascinating Facts about Oak Trees


  1. Oak is known to live up to 2000 years, but it usually lives up to 300-500 years.
  2. According to various data, there are 500-600 different oak species.
  3. The annual rings are "canned" already in the lifetime becoming stone hard.
  4. The cork for wine bottles that everyone knows is made from the inner layer of cork oak bark, which grows in France.
  5. Oak bark is used to produce leather goods and medical products as an anti-inflammatory agent. 
  6. The most expensive mushrooms in the world - truffles - form a symbiosis with the oak tree root system. 
  7. In all national myths, the oak represented strength and belonged to the mighty gods:

in Ancient Greece, to Zeus and Heracles, in Ancient Rome, to Jupiter, and to Perun in the Slavic myths.

  1. Oak fruits are used to prepare acorn coffee. The average yield from 1 hectare makes up 2,000 kg.
  2. The tannins in the wood are harmful to bacteria, which is why the use of oak wood for dishes and cutting boards not only benefits the style, but also makes cooking safer.
  3. It is a common belief that that a tree can feed a person with its unique energy. The oak helps people who are engaged in intellectual activities, clears their minds and empowers their thought process.

We shape this stunning wood and design it so that you can enjoy its beauty and power every day.





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