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About us

Foxwoodrus Workshop was founded in 2016. We started as a small family workshop with one idea in mind—to offer quality and nice-looking products for kitchen which you can't buy in your local supermarket. We first shared our story at Boomstarter crowdfunding platform, and people liked our idea! Thanks to the support we received, the project has become successful and one of the top three leaders in Design category


Today we use our own local production facilities, clear and safe materials that have all the required certificates and permissions for food contact. Our products are designed by wood carvers who use the best practices for hand work and modern wood processing technology.


We create simple things which inspire us and emphasize the culinary talents. They bring in the holiday spirit and foster an atmosphere of hospitality. These products do not require fancy interiors or special care. They look just as good in a modern restaurant or at your kitchen.

  Большой_набор_для_кухни_из_дуба_2.png Поднос_из_темного_дуба_для_завтраков.png

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