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User Agreement

User Agreement


This User Agreement (hereinafter the Agreement) is an offer by individual entrepreneur O.N. Shmulina published on (hereinafter the Website) to conclude an agreement as per the terms stipulated below.


  1. General


1.1. You hereby confirm that from the moment of registration at the Website and within the term of use of the Website and the customized services of the Website, you are considered a Website User until you personally address the administration of the Website seeking waiver of any relationships with the Website.


1.2. The use of the Website by you in any way or form within the limits of its announced functions, including:

  1. a) reviewing materials published on the Website;
  2. b) registration and/or authorization on the Website;
  3. c) publishing or display of any materials on the Website including without limitation texts, hyperlinks, images, audio and video files, information and/or any other details;

creates an agreement under the terms hereof according to provisions of art.437 and 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.


1.3. By using any of the Website capabilities specified above, you confirm that:

  1. a) you acknowledge the terms hereof in full prior to the use of the Website;
  2. b) you accept all terms hereof in full without any withdrawals or restrictions on your part and that you shall comply with these terms or stop using the Website. If you disagree with the terms hereof or do not have a right to conclude an agreement based on these terms, you should immediately stop using the Website in any form;
  3. c) the Agreement (including any part of it) is subject to change by the Website without any special notice. The new version of the Agreement is in effect immediately after it's published on the Website or brought to the notice of the User in other convenient form, unless otherwise specified by the new version of the Agreement.


  1. General provisions of the Website use


2.1. The Website carries out the sale of products via and related Website services. 
2.2. The Website delivers the products in the manner stipulated in Part 5 hereof. 
2.3. The Website provides access to customized services of the Website to provide you with the most complete information on the product that you are interested in, to create ratings and reviews, to participate in competitions and promotions conducted by the Website.

2.4. Hereby you give your consent to be informed on all activities of the Website related to sale of products and/or provision of services including on the order status and any other events of any nature related to the Website services. 
2.5. Consent to receive newsletter:
By subscribing to text messages and email newsletter from or third parties authorized to send newsletters on behalf of on the Internet, I agree to receive a newsletter on my phone and to my email address specified by me upon subscription through the service at I'm aware that in cases where I would like to unsubscribe from newsletters, I will have to click the Unsubscribe link which can be found in the messages from sent by the Website or to notify on my refusal to receive a newsletter to the email addresses specified under Contact Information section hereof. I also give consent to the Website or third parties authorized to send a newsletter on behalf of the Website to collect, store and process all personal data provided by me to the Website (including the full name and email address) for the purposes of keeping me updated on the Website activities.
2.6. You agree that the Website bears no responsibility for any delays, malfunctions, incorrect or untimely delivery, deletion or damage of any notifications. At that, the Website reserves the right to send a repeated notification in case you have failed to receive it. 
2.7. Please submit all questions related to information support to

2.8. You acknowledge that the supporting description of products provided on the Website is not necessarily exhaustive and might be inaccurate. Please send all comments related to inaccuracies in product description provided on the Website to

2.9. You acknowledge that the Website takes sufficient measures to make the appearance, packaging and characteristics of products correspond to the descriptions provided in the Website catalog. At the same time, the Website brings to your attention the fact that the actual appearance, packaging and characteristics of products might be deviate from these descriptions in cases of range of products and also in cases where the changes have been introduced directly by the manufacturer.
2.10. You have been informed that the price and availability of products on the Website changes 24/7 without prior notice and are specified with an individual status and in the flypage in the Website catalog. 

  1. Responsibilities of the User when using the Website


3.1. You agree not to use the Website services for the following purposes: 
3.1.1. to upload the content which is illegal, violates the rights of third parties; propagates violence, atrocities, hatred and/or race, ethnic, gender, religious, social discrimination; contains inaccurate information and/or abusive language addressed to certain persons, entities or government agencies; 
3.1.2. to encourage criminal activity and to assist people whose actions are aimed at violation of restrictions and bans, applicable within the Russian Federation;
3.1.3. to violate the rights of minors and/or to cause them any kind of harm; 
3.1.4. to discriminate minorities; 
3.1.5. to impersonate another person or representative of an entity and/or community without the rights to do so, including to impersonate the employees of the Website;
3.1.6. to disorient with regard to the properties and characteristics of any of products from the Website catalog; to inaccurately compare products and form negative attitude towards people who (don't) use certain products or to condemn such people;
3.1.7. to upload the content which you do not have the right to make public according to the legislation of the Russian Federation or according to any other contractual obligations; 
3.1.8. to upload the content which involves and/or contains any kind of patent, trade mark, trade secret, brand name, copyrights or related rights, as well as other rights to the results of the intellectual property owned or legally used by third parties; 
3.1.9. to upload advertising information and/or spam which is not specifically allowed; 
3.1.10. to collect and process personal data, information on private life of any person; 
3.1.11. to violate the regular functioning of the Website;
3.1.12. to violate the Russian or international law.
3.2. You agree not to use the following on the Website: abusive language, obscene images, comparisons and expressions, including with regard to gender, race, ethnicity, occupation, social category, age, language of the person and citizen, as well as with regard to entities, government agencies, official state symbols (flags, coats of arms, anthems), religious symbols, cultural heritage objects (historical and cultural monuments).
3.3. You acknowledge and agree that the Website has a right but not obligation to reject posting and/or to delete any content available through the Website services at its own discretion.


  1. Privacy Policy


4.1. The terms of the Privacy Policy and the relationship between you and the Website related to the processing of personal data is regulated by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 152-FZ as of July 27, 2006 On Personal Data. 
4.2. The Privacy Policy affects the personal data which the Website obtained or might obtain from you upon registration and/or checkout at the Website, and the personal data which is necessary for the Website to fulfill its obligations with regard to the product/service obtained by you and/or you access to the Website services. 

4.3. The Privacy Policy is available at the following link: (link to Privacy Policy text).

  1. Product purchase and delivery terms


5.1. You may purchase and pay for the products on the Website the following way: by cash, by credit card, by e-money, via your mobile device account, by bank transfer using the pay slip or with the gift card.

5.2. Hereby you agree that the payment method chosen by you is not subject to change from the moment of checkout at the Website. 
5.3. Hereby you agree that the confirmation of order paid for by e-money, credit card, from mobile device account, by bank transfer takes place only after it's confirmed that the money was withdrawn towards the payment of order. 
5.4. You confirm that the payment of order by e-money, credit card, from mobile device account shall be carried out within five (5) calendar days from checkout on the Website. You acknowledge that the order might be cancelled in case the order is not paid for within the specified term. 

5.5. The Website carries out the delivery of products by the following means: by courier or to the CDEK self-pickup point, by DHL post services, Dimex, Russian Post. You have a right to choose the most convenient delivery method according to the delivery terms for your region/country or based on your preference. 
5.6. You agree that in case it's impossible to deliver the products to you due to your fault, including in cases where you violated the term of delivery within which you were supposed to pick up the products, the Website will consider this as rejection of products on your behalf. At that, the products will be returned to the Website, and the order will be considered cancelled. 
5.7. In case you reject the product and also in case the product you ordered is unavailable, the prepayment you make to the Website, except for Website shipping expenses, will be returned to you no later than within ten (10) calendar days from submission date. 
5.8. Please submit all questions related to terms and conditions of product delivery to

  1. Responsibility


6.1. Website services might contain links to other resources. You acknowledge and agree that the Website does not bear any responsibility for the availability of those resources and their content, as well as any consequences related to your use of the content of these resources.
6.2. You also agree that the Website does not bear any responsibility for your personal data which you provide to third parties and/or other resources that you access through the Website.
6.3. You confirm that the Website is not responsible for any possible loss and/or damage to data which might occur as a result of wrong access and/or use of customized Website services.

6.4. The responsibility for the actions taken by minors including the purchase of products from the Website catalog, shall be borne by the representatives of such minors.

6.5. You agree that the Website does not bear any responsibility in cases of Website nonfulfillment and/or improper fulfillment of obligations related to sale and/or delivery of products to you due to the fact that you submitted inaccurate and/or invalid data, as well as in cases of nonfulfillment of the terms hereof by you. 


  1. Website bank details

Individual entrepreneur O.N. Shmulina

INN (Taxpayer Identification Number) 132708100544

OGRNIP (Primary State Registration Number of the Individual Entrepreneur) 316132600061192

Address: 32-32 Voynova Str., Saransk, 430034.



Date of publication: June 30, 2017.



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